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Well who did then?

My mom has had a huge impact on me, although most of it was negative I learned a lot from her shitty mistakes. Same with Stephen. He fucked me up but now I’m stronger than ever.

And then there were other people like my adoptive dad, and Gabby, and Rayden who were good people that made me see things in a different light and realize things I wouldn’t have on my own.

Who has the biggest influence and impact on you the most. Out of people you've met/know?

Nobody anymore

Id think you probably have more to lose by not..

Who knows. I’ve already lost a lot so

How come?

Because sometimes you just know when someone isn’t ready to be in your life again

Could you reach out to them if you wanted

I’m not really sure.

Are they people that aren't in your life anymore but wish they were?

Most definitely